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In order to present you with a plan for your space, much research goes into the process.  Measuring your space, asking you LOTS of questions about how you use the space now, and what you envision for the future, sourcing products and finishes, and putting that information onto paper for you to see is all part of designing your space.  Our training in space planning, furniture and finishes specifications, construction knowledge & experience, color sense and computer skills are critical to presenting you with something you can see and imagine your space becoming.

Once the actual design has been agreed upon, sourcing the products and managing fabrication and installation are the next steps in bringing the plan to life.

We are happy to work with you on projects as large as whole house remodel, but we also know that sometimes, you may just need help picking paint and fabric!  We love to do that too!  Good Design is our goal, whether its something small or something grand.


Design Fees: $75 per hour

Furnishings Fabrication and/or Purchase: Cost + 15%

Product Storage and Delivery Fees: Cost + 5%

Construction Liaison

If you have the opportunity to remodel a space - meaning you want to include construction in the mix, we are an excellent resource to call upon to make the process run smoothly and save you money.  With over 25 years in residential construction, we can lend good design to the process and make sure that what you've envisioned is what you have built.  It's not uncommon that we solve construction issues as part of the design phase and that saves you money in the long run!

Construction Liaison Fees are based on the scope of the job, but you can expect to pay between 3-5% of the cost of the project.  For example, our free for a $35,000 kitchen remodel would be between $1200 to $1500. As your liaison, we will be on site regularly during construction, we will meet with your contractors to help them keep the project true to the design and help you make decisions that arise in the process. A flat fee is advantageous to you, rather than paying an hourly fee for liaison services.

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